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Coming events for 2024:- DoKomi 2024
(28-30 June 2024, Düsseldorf, Germany)
Artist Alley table - Confirmed!
- Eurofurence 28
(18-21 September 2024, Hamburg, Germany)
Dealer's Den table - Confirmed!
- MEX Berlin
(25-27 October 2024 , Berlin, Germany)
Artist Alley table - Pending

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Hello there! Nice to meet you!

I'm Anoroth or Ano for short. I'm a NB androgynous artist from Poland. I live in Germany since 2021.My main strengths are DnD/Mtg style colorful illustrations, and detailed reference sheets! I love to draw creatures and characters of all kinds and shapes. Dragons are obviously my favourite! 🐉I started out in 2006 with traditional techniques and shifted to digital a few years later. Traditional media are still very present in my life though. Not expecting it would become my career, I continued drawing as a hobby during school and university time. I graduated with a master's degree in digital design and worked for a few years as an UX&UI designer.In 2020 I decided graphic design is not my passion, and switched completely to digital art.In my my free time I like to do some gardening and play various RPG games.

The conventions

In 2019 I have attended my first convention - Eurofurence 25. Since it was my first, I took part in Artist Alley.In 2021 I got my first Dealer's Den table and have been an active Dealer at Eurofurence every year! I love hosting my booth, speaking with people and making physical useful products. For every next event I always try to have at least one completely new product.I am also offering bigger, limited pieces at Art Show auctions since 2021.I would love to go to much more events in the coming years ^^Currently planned events for 2024:
- NordicFuzzCon (21-25.02.2024, Malmö, Sweden) - Confirmed!
- DoKomi (28-30.06.2024, Düsseldorf, Germany) - Confirmed!
- Eurofurence 28 (18-21.09.2024, Hamburg, Germany) - Confirmed!
- MEX Berlin (25-27.10.2024, Berlin, Germany) - Pending

Past events:
- NordicFuzzCon: (2024)
- Eurofurence: 27 (2023), 26 (2022), 25 (2019)

Tools of choice

In everyday work I use Adobe Photoshop and Blender.
My hardware is a 27'' iMac and a 24'' Huion Kamvas Pro screen tablet.
For traditional art I use all sorts of tools! Among my favourities are copic markers, watercolor, acrylics and colored pencils.

Check out my artworks!


MY WORKS - portraits



MY WORKS - reference sheets

With illustrative background

Regular flat-colors

MY WORKS - speedpaints